Assignment Modules Overview



The Overview module includes the following fields.

Field Description Required?
Assignment Title Title Yes
Industry Assignment Industry Yes
Description of Work The assignment description is the contract between you and your worker. A clear and detailed description is critical for workers when they review and apply for assignments. Include all important details, such as what the assignment requires from the worker for them to receive full payment. Yes
Special Instructions for the Assigned Worker

Special instructions appear only for the worker that you assign. Enter any information that should not be publicly available, such as information about the customer.

Desired Skill

Include the skills you typically look for in relation to the particular scope of the assignment.

Enter one word at a time and separate each word with a comma. This helps the auto-invite algorithm find you the best workers for the assignment.

Assignment Owner

The assignment owner receives all relevant notifications for the assignment. This is a required field.

The assignment budget is also tied to the owner. If the assignment budget is greater than the employee's maximum authorized budget, the assignment will not send. Contact an account administrator to increase the employee's maximum authorized budget.

Support Contact The support contact is the employee that the worker should contact with any questions or information regarding the assignment. The support contact can be the same employee as the assignment owner. No




The Location module includes the following fields.

Field Description Required?
Client Adding clients to the assignment helps your company track the spend and ROI for each of the customers and customer locations. No
Project Use projects to track the different assignments routed for your clients. For example, Client A can have multiple projects nested underneath them. No

Select one of the following options.

  • On-Site - Select to create a new location.
  • Virtual/Remote - Select if there is no physical location.
  • Select From Location Manager - Select to choose a saved location from your contact manager.
Location Name/Location Number/Location Type

Use to differentiate client locations for reporting purposes.

Location Address

Enter the address of on-site locations.

Travel Instructions Enter travel instructions for the worker. No
Location Contact Location Contacts are often known as managers onsite. If you would like for your assigned worker to contact the manager onsite, you can add their contact information in the Location Contact section from the assignment modal. Only the assigned technician will have visibility into this section. No




The Scheduling module includes scheduling options and check in/check out procedures. Select one of the following options for Schedule assignment by.

  • Specific date & time to start work - Select to enter a specific date and time.
  • Arrival window to start work - Select to enter a range in which the worker can arrive.
  • Multiple days - Select to set a start and end date for the assignment.

To ensure that the worker will be onsite for the assignment, toggle on Require confirmation from the worker before starting the assignment and enter the number of hours before the assignment start time that the worker must confirm that they will arrive as scheduled.



The Budget module includes the following fields.

Field Description Required?
Payment Type
  • Flat Fee - Set price to complete the work, regardless of time on site.
  • Hourly Rate - Paid by the hour based on the worker's check in and check out time.
  • Unit Rate - Payment per task completed.
  • Blended Hourly Rate - Pay a worker 2 different rates.
  • Internal - You can use internal pricing only for internal employees of the company. You cannot route it to third-party contractors.
Fees Paid By Select whether the assignment fee is removed from the total budget or if it is added on. Yes
Payment Terms

Select the payment terms. If you select Paid Immediately, you must already have the cash available on your account to cover payment for the assignment. If you do not, you cannot send the assignment.




Custom Fields

Select a custom field set to add to the assignment. Refer to What are Custom Fields? How do I create them? for more information.



Use the Deliverables module to add instructions on what documents the worker must deliver upon completion of the assignment. For example, if your customer needs a sign-off sheet to verify that the worker completed the assignment properly, add a sign-off form deliverable and enter instructions for the worker.

Refer to Deliverables Best Practices for more information on the deliverable module.



Use the Documents module to upload any documents that the assigned worker might need.



Use the Followers module to add people within your company that require updates on the assignment.


Parts & Logistics

Use the Parts & Logistics module to add supplied parts and track their shipment directly from the assignment.


Requirement Sets

Use the Requirement Sets module to add requirements that workers must meet to successfully apply for the assignment.

Refer to Creating Requirement Sets for more information.



Use the Surveys module to attach a survey to the assignment.

Refer to Creating a Survey for more information.


Assignment Frequency

Use the Assignment Frequency module to enable repeating assignments on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

NOTE: You must enter a start date in the Scheduling module before you can select the assignment frequency.


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