Creating and Routing an Assignment


Complete the following steps to create and route an assignment from the Assignments Dashboard.

NOTE: If you have a large project, you can use WorkUpload to create up to 100 assignments at once. Refer to What is a WorkUpload? for more information.

If you use a ticketing system such as AutoTask, Connectwise, or Salesforce, you can use the API to link the systems so that you can create assignments from the ticketing system. Refer to the Developer Portal for more information.

  1. Click Create.
  2. Optionally, apply a template by selecting it under Use a Template.
  3. Click +/- Modules to add or remove modules from the assignment.
    • The following modules are required.
      • Overview
      • Location
      • Scheduling
      • Budget
    • The following modules are optional.
      • Custom fields
      • Deliverables
      • Documents
      • Followers
      • Parts & Logistics
      • Requirement Sets
      • Surveys
      • Assignment Frequency
  4. Complete the required fields.
    • NOTE: Refer to Assignment Modules Overview for more information on each module.
  5. To save the assignment, click one of the following.
    • Save as Template - Saves the assignment as a template that you can apply to future assignments.
    • Save as Draft - Saves the assignment as a draft. The draft assignment will be available on the dashboard, and you can route it at a later time.
  6. To publish and route the assignment, click Find Talent.
  7. Select one of the following options.
    • Publish in Marketplace - This posts your assignment to the marketplace. Workers can view and apply for the assignment.
    • Send to Specific Talent, Vendors, or Labor Clouds 
      • NOTE: You can invite up to 200 individual workers to the assignment.
    • Auto-Invite - The system automatically invites the 100 best workers for your assignment, based on their profile and work history.
    • Browse the Talent Marketplace - Takes you to the Find Talent tool. From there, select the workers you want to send the assignment to.
  8. Click Send.
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