Placing an Assignment on Hold


You can pause an assigned or in-progress assignment by placing it on hold. When you place an assignment on hold, the assigned worker and any assignment followers receive a notification, and the On Hold status is applied to the assignment.

  1. Open the assignment from the Assignments Dashboard.
  2. Click Actions (three dots).
  3. Select Place on Hold.
  4. Enter a reason for placing the assignment on hold.
  5. Click Place on Hold and enter a reason.
    • RESULT: The assignment status changes to On Hold.


When you’re ready to reschedule the assignment, you can remove the hold.

  1. Select the assignment in the Assignment Dashboard.
    • NOTE: You can use the On Hold filter to see only the assignments in the On Hold status.
  2. Click Actions (three dots).
  3. Select Remove Hold.

RESULT: The system sends a reschedule request for the worker to accept or decline. If the worker declines the request, they are removed from the assignment.

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