Reverse Wire Funding - Setup Instructions


Clients enrolled in the Reverse Wire program are able to initiate Reverse Wire to fund their WorkMarket account via the Add Funds page.

Please reach out to your account manager to learn more.

WorkMarket Reverse Wire Setup Instructions

  1. Contact your bank to inform them that you are authorizing ADP to request Reverse Wire (also known as drawdowns or Fed Wire 1031) transactions from your bank account. Contact details by bank: 
    • NOTE: Reverse Wire setup times vary by bank and can take up to 1-2 weeks to complete. 
      Bank Contact Details
      Chase Contact your "Relationship Manager" or the customer service line at (978) 805-1200
      City National Bank Contact your "Relationship Manager"
      First Republic Bank Call your personal banker or the customer service line at (888) 408-0288
      M&T Bank Contact your "Commercial Banking Specialist" 
      PNC Bank Visit a local branch in person. 
      TD Bank Call your local branch.
      U.S. Bank Complete 'U.S. Bank - Reverse Wire Drawdown Authorization Form' and bring to your local branch.  
      Wells Fargo Call the Wire Transfer Team at (888) 384-8400 and choose option 0
  2. Complete any setup authorization forms required by your bank. Provide ADP's bank information as listed: 
    Bank Name Bank Address Account Name ABA/Routing # DDA/Account #
    Chase One Chase Manhattan Plaza
    New York, NY 10005
    ADP Client Trust 021000021 988467905
  3. After your bank has confirmed ADP has been authorized to request Reverse Wires, notify your WorkMarket representative in order to activate this feature. 
  4. Log in to WorkMarket. On the Accounts page, add a new Reverse Wire funding account and provide your bank account details. The account will be added immediately. 
  5. Complete a test Reverse Wire of $250 or more to ensure successful setup prior to your actual transfer. 
    • NOTE: The minimum Reverse Wire amount is $250. There is no maximum amount.
  6. After test Reverse Wire is completed successfully, initiate your actual Reverse Wire. 
    • Best Practice: Inform your bank the time and amount of your Reverse Wire.

WorkMarket Reverse Wire Schedule

  • Reverse Wire impounds process on banking days at:
    • 08:30 AM ET
    • 11:15 AM ET
    • 01:30 PM ET
    • 03:45 PM ET 
      • If your request is made before 3:45 PM ET, funds may post to WorkMarket by 9:00 PM ET on the same day. 
      • If your request is made after 3:45 PM ET, it will be processed on the following banking day.
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