How do I use the new Find Talent interface?


We are excited to announce the full release of our new Find Talent interface, which expands on platform consistency, and provides performance enhancements.



Configure Columns

Select the settings gear in the top right to configure columns according to your preferences.



Users can easily show, hide, or reorder columns based on what is most important to them when searching for the right talent.

Any saved changes are user-specific, so any column changes will be reflected in your view of Find Talent only, and not the rest of the company users.

After saving, the table will be updated with the column changes in this user’s desired order.




The search bar now supports auto-suggest when searching for a specific worker or company name, worker or company ID, with a populated dropdown matching the search query for specific talent.  

Users can also use keyword search the same as current Find Talent.


Users can sort columns by clicking the column header: Name (alphabetical), Location (nearest), Background Check (by date passed), Drug Test (by date passed), Satisfaction (by overall rating)





New Centralized Filters 

Access the centralized filtering menu at top-left of the table to allow you to narrow down your searches. 


Select the pre-set column filters (e.g., Industry, Location, etc.) to uncover and apply one or more filters. 





Bulk Actions

When a user selects one or more workers, the “Actions” button in the bottom left of the pagination footer will activate to allow to following actions: Invite to Test or Invite to Labor Cloud.  Users can select multiple tests or labor clouds at a time to send invites.








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