What are Worker Profile Fields?


What are Worker Profile Fields?

Worker Profile Fields provides the ability to capture unique worker data by storing it in custom fields on worker profiles.

Where can I access Worker Profile Fields?

Worker Profile Fields can be created and managed by navigating Settings > Worker Profile Fields by a company Admin.

What types of Worker Profile Fields can I create?

Worker Profile Fields supports three data types: Text, Picklist and Rating.  

Text fields allow users to enter any combination of letters, numbers, or symbols with a maximum length up to 10,000 characters.

Picklist fields let you select multiple values from lists that you define.

Rating allows a linear scale 0-10 for you to rank and search for in Find Talent.

What happens after I create a Worker Profile Field?

When you create a Worker Profile Field, it will appear on all worker profiles in the “Overview” tab. From there, you can view, set, update & delete values.

Workers will not be aware that fields have been added to their profiles and have no visibility into these Worker Profile Fields, as they are private to your company only.


Who can see my Worker Profile Fields?

Worker Profile Fields are private to your company only so no other companies or workers on WorkMarket will have access to your custom fields.

Can I easily search for custom field values?

Once values are saved to a worker profile, you can search key-value pairs in Find Talent using the “More” search facet so you can quickly find workers based on your company’s Worker Profile Fields.  Worker Profile Field search is also supported by keyword search in the search bar.



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