How can the additional filters within the Find Talent feature be utilized?


The Find Talent interface can assist you in quickly identifying the best talent for your labor clouds or assignments. 


Configuring Columns

In order to access your preferred filters, you will need to configure columns according to your preferences via the settings gear in the top right.


You can easily show, hide, or reorder columns based on what is most important to you when searching for the right talent.



New Centralized Filters

Access the centralized filtering menu at top-left of the table to allow you to narrow down your searches.

Select the pre-set column filters (e.g., Industry, Location, etc.) to uncover and apply one or more filters.




Saved Filter Sets

After applying 2 or more filters, you will have the ability to save the filters as a Filter Set that can be quickly applied in the future. 




Once saved, a large tag will appear along with the individual filters applied.

The Saved Filter Set tag can be edited or deleted via the Action menu.

Individual filters can also be edited via the tags and the newly edited filter combination saved as a new Saved Filter set.


Once Saved Filter Sets are created, they can be found in the “Saved Filter Sets” section of the Filter drop down menu.




From there you can also update and delete filter sets via the Action Menu. Filter sets will be accessible to all company employees with Find Talent access.


Watch the demo for tips on creating a Saved Filter Set: 



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