How can I navigate the new worker profile view?


WorkMarket has released an updated worker profile view that reflects our recent update to the Find Talent page. Now, navigating and reviewing your talent will be faster and easier than ever. 

How can I view new profiles?

If you click on a worker or vendor name or any of the “+ more” links within the talent grid, it will open the redesigned profile in a drawer view with the ability to expand to a full page view.



What happened to “Tags”?

Tags will now be available to be viewed and managed as Profile Fields.  In order to maintain data consistency, we have also removed the ability to add new tags to old profiles. If you had existing tags on worker profiles, they can now be viewed in the Profile Fields section, as a Profile Field called “Tags”.  Moving forward, if you want to use the functionality that tags provided, we suggest creating a new Profile Custom Field.


What can I see in the Assignments tab?

We now display more details based on a worker’s assignment history.  The Assignments tab shows a complete history of current and past assignments the worker is assigned, or has completed for your company, with the ability to search, sort, and filter based on assignment status.

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