How do I submit a counteroffer on an assignment?


In order for you to best negotiate your contracts, we give you the ability to counteroffer when applying for an assignment. You may submit a counteroffer for -

  • A new price
  • Additional expenses
  • A new date
  • A new time

To submit a counteroffer (via desktop) -

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the assignment
  2. In the blue box, next to “Optional - Propose Alternate Price and/or Date” click the + to expand the counteroffer menu
  3. Select which type of counteroffer you would like to submit
  4. Set an optional expiration date for your counteroffer

You also have the ability to counteroffer using a different pricing type. For example, if the client has set the assignment to be paid hourly, you have the ability to counter using a flat fee pricing type. You can do so using the "Budget Type" drop down.




You can view the details of your pending counteroffer in the right hand menu under the assignment status.


*NOTE* Team Agents will not see an option to counteroffer until you press the "Apply" button in the "Candidates" tab. You will then receive a prompt giving you the option to submit a counteroffer.


To counteroffer via the mobile app, tap the"Counteroffer" button at the bottom of the screen when viewing an assignment.

*NOTE* Counteroffer via different pricing/budget type is not currently available via mobile.

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