What is a WorkUpload?


The WorkUpload tool allows you to create multiple draft assignments at one time from an uploaded spreadsheet in CSV format. WorkUpload drafts can be based off of an existing template, and these drafts can be routed directly to workers or Labor Clouds. To perform a bulk upload:


  1. Select WorkUpload from the left navigation bar, or click here.
  2. Choose the .csv file that you would like to upload, and then select an optional Mapping, Template, and/or Label (Sample CSV template attached to this article)
  3. Next match the uploaded file’s columns to WorkMarket’s assignment fields. You have the option of saving the mapping for future use.
  4. Preview the assignment drafts and/or create the drafts
  5. A status bar at the bottom of the screen will show you the progress of your upload, whose time will vary based on the file size. You may still use WorkMarket while the drafts are being created, and you will receive a notification when the upload is complete
  6. Once the notification has been received, you can navigate to your Assignment Dashboard and filter to drafts to see the newly created assignments.
  7. Once they are displayed, you can select all assignments, click the Actions button and route them!


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