Account suspension due to payment processor restrictions


What does it mean if my account is suspended due to payment processor restrictions?

The payment processor on your account (e.g., PayPal or HyperWallet) may decide to suspend its services in your region from time to time. If such suspension occurs, WorkMarket will similarly suspend all WorkMarket accounts in the affected region(s) to help avoid work being completed that cannot be paid for. If the payment processor resumes its services in your region, the suspension on your WorkMarket account will be lifted, and you will be able to continue using the platform with the same login credentials. If your account is suspended and you believe that such suspension is in error because you are not located in a restricted region, please contact WorkMarket support at


Assignments and Payments:

  • If you have assignments that have not been approved yet, please contact your client to arrange approval and payment off-platform.
  • If you have funds on the WorkMarket platform for completed assignments, you will not be able to withdraw those funds, and they will be returned to your client (where legally allowed) to make other payment arrangements where possible or to hold and reprocess through the platform when the payment processor restores services in your region. Please contact your client with questions about arranging payment off-platform.
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