New Reports Builder Experience


This update will provide a more seamless user experience when creating and generating reports!  


First, when you configure your report in Reports Builder you will see two new options in the process – Show Preview and Generate CSV.


Show Preview enables you to see the first 10 rows of data to ensure that the format is as expected (below) 


You won’t be able to navigate through all the data in the preview page and will need to simply download the file to review the full report.  


When you Generate CSV, the prompt as shown below will let you know when the file is processing so you don’t have to wait while the report loads. You can navigate around the WorkMarket platform while the report generates and once it’s complete, you will receive an email notifying you the report has been saved in your Reports Library! 



Simplified One-Off Reporting: you will be able to change a filter on a saved report to run as a one-off without needing to save a whole new report. This makes adjusting a date range while keeping your other saved fields, for example, much easier 


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