Escheatment Processing


If you are impacted by Escheatment, you must have received an email from WorkMarket regarding the same. Escheatment is the process by which unclaimed funds are turned over to a state authority under applicable law. You can visit the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrator’s website for more info and state-specific links to escheatment rules and details.


We recommend that you withdraw funds from your WorkMarket account before the escheatment process begins on the date mentioned in the email sent to you.


To assist in a seamless process for this withdrawal to take place, we have migrated funds to the "Available to Withdraw" section within the account. 


  • Simply click on the gear icon to the top right and click on "Perform Work"



  • Once in the Perform Work section, click on Overview which is located under the Payments section the far left of the screen: 



  • From here, select, Withdraw Funds:



In order to ensure timely payment, your profile will need to be updated with your Approved Tax (Business EIN) and financial institution account details. Please note, that it might take up to 3-4 business days for your tax and financial account information to be validated and approved. 


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