July 22, 2021


The following updates have been made to Pay:

Quantity in Pay

  • Payment Requests now support a new field, "quantity". Similar to orders or invoices in the real world, entering a quantity will multiply the payment request item value by that number.


  • For example, before this quantity field was introduced, if you wanted to pay a contractor for 8 hours of work at $25/hour, you'd have to do the math off-platform, and enter $200 as the payment request item value – potentially leveraging the description field to explain your math.


  • With quantity, you can simply enter "8" as the quantity, and $25 as the item value, and let WorkMarket calculate the total value of $200.


  • Quantity is supported in Bulk Upload, via our API, and of course through our API. Quantity will also appear in invoice reporting. This functionality has been turned off by default so as to not disturb any existing processing, please click here to request access.


Configurable Date Format in Pay Bulk Upload

  • Brought to you by popular demand, we now allow users to choose their date format for bulk upload. This applies to "invoice date" as well as "item date".
  • The newly introduced date format are MM/DD/YY and DD/MM/YY. Please note that your year MUST be 2 digits, however, months can be 1 digit. For example, 05/05/21 and 5/5/21 are both allowed, but 5/5/2021 and 05/05/2021 are not. We continue to support YYYY-MM-DD.
  • Once you select a date format and perform a bulk upload, your preference will be saved. If you simply change the date format but do not actually perform a bulk upload, the date format will not be remembered when you refresh.



Download All Deliverables

Some users who leverage assignments deliverables functionality may have experienced problems attempting to download ALL deliverables when there have been a large number of deliverables uploaded. This has been solved!


  • Now, you'll receive a notification where you can download your deliverables. This is particularly useful if you navigate away from the assignment details page, or if the download fails to download after 1 minute. If downloading all deliverables where there are only a couple files, you can still expect the deliverables to download directly to your browser as they do today.
  • By default, the bell notification will be enabled. Please do NOT disable that notification or you will not receive your large deliverables downloads.


Email is also an option, only if you own the assignment. However, bell notification will work on any assignment.


The notification will appear in the bell in the top-right navigation bar



The following updates have been made to Labor Clouds:

Labor Cloud Bug for Workers

  • Fixed a bug whereby when a worker signs up to a client campaign that has a labor cloud with agreement requirement, it automatically removes the worker from the labor cloud and hence worker does not see the labor cloud invite in the labor cloud page in web platform.


Labor Cloud Dashboard Limit

  • Number of labor clouds displayed in the dashboard increased from 1000 to 1500 
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