July 7th, 2021


The following updates have been made to Assignments:

  • Fixed an issue whereby users were unable to successfully submit reschedule requests.
  • New "Talent Phone" Column in New Assignments: A new column has been introduced to the new assignments dashboard, "Talent Phone" which will display the worker's mobile and work phones if provided.


The following updates have been made to Pay:

  • Email is now accepted in bulk upload with the new column name, "payee email".
    • Please note, if there is no match for the email, an invitation will be sent to that email address, whereby once the user signs up, payment can be finalized. In a future release, we will allow for users to configure whether they want no match to result in an error rather than an invitation email.
    • This new column can be used in conjunction with "payee id". If the user provides us both, we will use the "payee id" rather than the email (we won't try to use the email if there is no match on the payee id).
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements have been made to the Pay bulk upload to ensure more resilience in the upload process.
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