What is the Analytics Dashboard?


Analytics Dashboards provides users with insights around effectiveness of their contingent workforce program. The feature is available for Administrators and Managers by default, and can be made available through Custom Roles by creating a role that has permission to view analytics dashboards.


The feature can be accessed under the Analytics section in Create Work mode of the application.




There are a variety of analytics dashboards that range from bar charts, data table, heat maps and metrics (numbers) which can be seen from the analytics dashboard page. 




Users can click on the heart icon on the individual analytics dashboard cards to add the dashboard as a favorite. 




Once the user has favorited a dashboard, they appear in the “Favorites” tab with the heart icon appearing as filled to indicate it’s one of their favorited dashboards. 




Users can also hover over the “i” icon to find more information about the dashboard.  




Users can access each dashboards’ data by clicking on the card to redirect them to the data page. 

An example can be found below: 




Within this view, users can hover over individual bars in the bar chart to notice the data, as well as download the data from top right by clicking the download icon. They can download the data as CSV, XLSV or PNG. By clicking on the Analytics Dashboards link, the user will get redirected to the Favorites tab if there are any favorited dashboards, otherwise they will get redirected to the All dashboards page. 




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