How do I set up automatic withdrawal?


Automatic withdrawal will allow you to designate a minimum amount to automatically pull to the financial account of your choosing. Automatic withdrawal will NOT speed up the processing times, but rather assist in pulling available funds so that you don't have to.

To set up automatic withdrawal via the desktop:

  1. Click on 'Accounts' on the left sidebar
  2. Click on the banner or the “Automatic Withdrawal” button to set up
  3. Transfer to: Choose the financial account that you want the funds to be transferred to. This can be your WorkMarket Visa Card, PayPal account, or bank account
  4. Minimum Balance for Withdrawal: Enter the minimum balance amount. Once your available funds on WorkMarket platform reach the minimum balance, the entire balance will be withdrawn and transferred to the chosen financial account. (For example, if the minimum balance is set to $50, and you receive a $200 payment, $200 be withdrawn from WorkMarket to the selected financial accounT)
  5. Click 'Enable'




To set up automatic withdrawal via the mobile app:

  1. Either click the "Set up automatic withdrawal for my account" banner, or navigate to the Funds>Payment Information section
  2.  Enter a minimum balance for funds to be pulled (must be at least $30). If your available to withdraw reaches, or exceeds this number, the full total will be requested to your financial account of choice
  3. Choose a financial account to pull to (you may only elect one account for automatic withdrawal)
  4. Click submit. To edit, tap the "Automatic Withdrawal" section again


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