How do I add a payment account to withdraw my funds?


At WorkMarket, we believe you should have the freedom to pick a payment method that works for you. We know not everyone banks the same and not all clients pay the same, which is why we offer four flexible payment options to choose from to receive your earnings. 

To set up a financial account -




Flexible payment options available at WorkMarket:

It’s important to note that the availability of your funds depends on your location.

  • Bank Account

ACH/Bank Account 

(For US bank accounts only) 

  • For US Bank accounts only
  • When setting-up this option, your bank account may be verified instantly OR it can take 2-3 business days. If the bank account is not verified instantly, you will receive two verification deposits between the amounts of $.01 and $0.15 within two business days.
  • Once you receive these funds in your bank account, you will need to return to your Accounts page in the WorkMarket platform and enter the two deposit amounts (along with decimals) to complete the verification process.  


Note: Not all banks participate in the instant verification, which is why in some cases micro-deposits are sent.


Note: The deposits may come from ADP WORKMARKET ACCTVERIFY” in your bank account 


Note: The maximum number of attempts to enter your verification deposits is three. If you have entered the incorrect amounts more than three times, you will have to remove the account and re-add it.


Note: There is no fee for ACH/Direct Deposit


Note: US workers are limited to 2 ACH/Bank Accounts


Canadian Bank Accounts 

  • Canadian bank accountsrequire verification of the identity of users with a Canadian bank account linked to the WorkMarket platform. You will need to submit a  valid passport or your birth certificate along with a government issued photo ID to our verification team, The process time usually takes one day, but could extend to a couple of days.
  • There is no fee for ACH/direct deposit.
  • Canadian users may NOT use bank accounts in USD currency. Only accounts in CAD may be utilized for withdrawals.

Note: Transfers to Canadian bank accounts may take up to 5 business days to process depending on the receiving bank.


  • PayPal


  • When setting-up this option, your primary WorkMarket email MUST match your PayPal email address.
  • All transfers to PayPal will be subject to a $1 transaction fee, regardless of the amount withdrawn . 
  • International Withdrawals: Add 3% currency conversion for local bank withdraw outside of the U.S. PayPal Country Coverage


  • Wisely Pay Card (formerly WorkMarket Visa) - US users only

Wisely Pay Card  

(only available in the US) 

  • You can choose a Wisely card when setting up your payment options on the platform.
  • Cards arrive in the mail within 7-10 business days.
  • Once you receive your card you will need to activate your card online or by calling the phone number on the back. Your card will then update to active in the WorkMarket platform by the following day.
  • No withdraw fees from your WorkMarket account to your Wisely card  

Note: If you have any questions regarding the retrieval, replacement, or deactivation of your Wisely Pay card, please contact cardholder services at 1 (866) 313-6901.


  • Hyperwallet (for bank accounts outside the US and Canada)


(for countries outside of the US)   

  • Hyperwallet will require additional identity verification to open an account, and at times, maintain an existing account.
  • When adding Hyperwallet to your WorkMarket account for the first time, you will be required to include your date of birth when creating the account.
  • Account must be in the user's name.
  • International: 2-3% conversion fee and transaction fee from $1.95-$30 depending on country.  
  • Hyperwallet Fees by Country

Note: Please make sure your bank account information is entered correctly. Invalid or non-existent bank account can result in a withdrawal return to Hyperwallet, which can trigger additional bank transfer fees and foreign currency conversion (in both directions)


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