What is the difference between a Landing Page and an Invitation?


A Landing Page allows your company to maintain an external presence which you can promote through your own marketing channels or by attaching it to a .csv upload of invitations. Each Landing page includes the following:

    • A custom description of your opportunity
    • Your company logo and description
    • A form for your workers to create their WorkMarket accounts

For your convenience, landing pages also allow you to:

    • Link your landing page to a Labor Cloud that will organize your workers
    • View a list of the workers that have successfully created their WorkMarket accounts
    • Have direct access to the profiles of your onboarded workers

An Invitation is designed to invite individual users via emails that are sent immediately from "Work Market via your user account." Your invitee will receive an email from the following address hi@myworkmarket.com

By sending email invitations, you represent and warrant that you have the right to contact these email addresses. Please review the Terms of Use Agreement for more details.

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