What does the background check search for, and how far back does it go?


What does the background check search for and what constitutes a “Clear” status? 

Background checks are conducted through Sterling, a consumer reporting agency, and may contain information regarding a worker’s criminal history, social security verification, motor vehicle records, and/or other background checks, including the following:

Social Security Number Trace

The SSN Trace compares the worker’s provided Social Security Number (SSN) to credit header and public records data. The trace may locate possible alternative names or addresses associated with the SSN for the purpose of performing additional searches. The SSN Trace is not conducted through the Social Security Administration and should not be used as the basis for any employment decision or confirmation of identity.

Enhanced Nationwide – 7 years

The Enhanced Nationwide Criminal Database searches State, County, and Corrections criminal record databases to locate additional jurisdictions where a worker may have committed a crime. It may include data obtained from the state-based department of corrections, administrative office of the courts, bureau of criminal apprehension, registered sex offenders and/or the department of criminal justice records, various country criminal records and data from other applicable government agencies where available. Possible felony and misdemeanor convictions and pending cases are verified before reporting.

County Criminal Search Off SSN Trace – 7 Year Address History, Minimum 7 Year Record Depth

Criminal record search based on the last 7 years of the worker’s address history as derived by the SSN trace results. The central court search reveals felony and misdemeanor convictions and pending cases within a minimum of the last 7 years, subject to availability and applicable reporting limitations. This search is upgraded to a statewide search, rather than a county search, for a limited set of states, including New York, Maine, Vermont, Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories.

A “Clear” status and/or the appearance of a checkmark icon on a worker’s profile means a worker (i) chose to request by written instruction and authorization that a background check be furnished by Sterling, (ii) completed the requested background check and no records were reported, and (iii) chose to post the results of the requested background check on their profile. No badge or icon on a worker’s profile indicates that the worker (a) has not requested a background check, (b) has a pending background check, (c) completed a background check but the results revealed one or more records, or (d) completed a background check with no records being reported but decided not to post the results on their profile.

To obtain a free copy of your consumer report (background check), please contact WorkMarket customer support.* To dispute the results of your background check, please reach out to the consumer reporting agency directly at:

Sterling Infosystems Inc.
6150 Oak Tree Blvd., Suite 490
Independence, OH 44131
Phone: 888.889.5248

Each client who engages a worker utilizing the WorkMarket platform is responsible for determining whether the worker meets such client’s internal requirements, including requirements related to background checks.

* When requesting a free copy of your consumer report, you will receive an email from FileShare@adp.com with a link to download the file (instructions will be provided) 


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