What do I do if I have a past due payment/approval?


If you have a late approval or payment, first contact the client within the messages tab before contacting WorkMarket Support. Please be sure to document all contact attempts within the messages section of the assignment. If after 48 hours the client has not responded, we are able to escalate the assignment due to lack of communication (For late approvals, escalation can only occur once the approval exceeds the client's average approval time via their scorecard).

WorkMarket Support will take the following steps to escalate the assignment:

  1. Representatives will leave a message within the assignment, letting the company know you have reached out to WorkMarket for assistance reaching them
  2. The Escalations team will take steps to directly contact the company regarding the status of your assignment
  3. A representative from the escalations team will keep you updated on the status of your assignments escalation every 48 hours


WorkMarket will not dictate the terms of your assignment. Our goal is to connect you and the company so you may cooperatively resolve conflicts and determine the outcome to move forward with the assignment checklist.

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