How do I add a document requirement to a Labor Cloud?

  1.     Navigate to Settings by clicking on your profile picture (or person icon) at the upper            right corner
  2.     Select File Manager from the Company menu on the left
  3.     On the File Manager page, select Upload New File
  4.     Click on Select a File, and upload the applicable document
  5.     Click Complete Upload
  6.     Document will now display in File Manager list
  7.     Click on Labor Cloud under Talent on menu at far left of screen
  8.     Select the Labor Cloud that you want to add the document requirement to
  9.     In the Labor Cloud window, select the Requirements tab
  10.     Click on the field next to Requirements, and select Document from the dropdown list
  11.     Click Select a document, and choose the applicable document from the dropdown list
  12.     Select Add this Requirement, and then click Save Requirements

The document should now appear as a requirement for your Labor Cloud

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