What are the different roles I can give to my employees?


When adding new employees to your company account, you must give them one or more roles, which will affect their access and permissions when using the platform. Below is a list and explanation of the available roles (which you can also view on the Roles & Permissions page within Settings):

  • Administrator
    • Has access to all features on Work Market. Only Admins can add employees, edit employee permissions including: access to payment center, management of bank accounts and specific assignment approval actions on.*
  • Manager
    • Has access to all features on WorkMarket except the payment center, bank account information, and Admin settings. Can manage all company assignments. Can also create and manage Labor Clouds and tests. Managers can send invitations to new users and build recruiting campaigns.*
  • Controller
    • Typically only used by Finance or those user responsible for funding. This role is given access to the payment center and can approve monetary transactions and transfers. Controller can issue a stop payment on an invoiced assignment if the invoice has not been printed.*
  • User
    • Allows assignee to manage any assignments created or owned by the assignee. Can also follow assignments created by other users of their company. Does not have access to payment permissions unless assigned by administrator.
  • View Only
    • Has access to company reports, but cannot view or edit other company information.
  • Staff
    • This role can only view assignment related content. No access to payment center. To create a user that you want to give limited permissions on the site but send assignments, use staff and enable to receive internal assignments.
  • Deputy
    • This role gives the account user ability to take actions on behalf of workers.  This feature can be instrumental in the management and expedited closure of an assignment.
  • Team Agent
    • Team Agents have the ability to accept, apply, and to take other actions on behalf of team members. Use the Team Agent role to manage a team of workers more efficiently.
  • Employee Worker
    • Employee worker can ONLY perform work, other permissions are limited
  • Advanced Report Manager
    • Advanced Reports Managers are authorized to view and download advanced reports.



*NOTE: In order to grant payment center access and/or permission to approve applications and budget increase requests, you must also administer the following roles/permissions:

  • Assignments Approver
    • Authorized to approve assignments for invoicing/payment
  • Budget, Expense, and Bonus Manager
    • Authorized to approve/add budget increase requests, expense reimbursements, and bonuses, as well as edit pricing for In Progress work
  • Counteroffer and Applications Manager
    • Authorized to approve/decline applications and/or counteroffers for assignments in Sent status
  • Bank Accounts and Funds Manager
    • Provides access to the management of bank/payment accounts, as well as the ability to deposit or withdraw funds
  • Payments Manager
    • Provides access to Payment Center and payment related emails
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