What is required to create a Labor Cloud?


Labor Clouds are used to organize your network of workers. There are 3 types of Labor Clouds -

  1. Public - accessible by all workers in the marketplace
  2. Public - Invite Only Clouds - accessible by only the workers you’ve invited
  3. Private Labor Clouds - accessible only by you and your company

Each Labor Cloud will open in a tray on the right side of your screen. For public Labor Clouds, you will have 4 tabs. For private Labor Clouds, you will have 2 tabs. These tabs include -

  • Details - (public & private) provide details about the purpose of your Labor Cloud and select whether it will be public or private
  • Requirements - (public only) select from a menu of requirements needed for talent membership
  • Members - (public & private) this tab will look just like the Find Talent dashboard and will allow you to view current members and invitees
  • Messages - (public only) allows you to contact all members of your labor cloud by sending a message
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