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What is Automatic Payment via FastFunds?

Workers/vendors that perform work on WorkMarket now have the ability to opt in to have all FastFunds eligible assignments paid automatically.  Payment for all FastFunds eligible assignments will be transferred to the worker’s WorkMarket account upon completion and approval of work.  If opted-in, funds will be transferred to the worker’s account within 15 minutes after the assignment is approved, so please allow a few minutes for the payment to process and funds to be transferred to your WorkMarket account.

Where can I enable Automatic Payment via FastFunds?

The configuration will be in your “Payment Options” page in Settings, so only a user with Admin role will be able to opt-in.  Users can navigate to this page by going to Settings >> Payment Options.  There will also be a banner on the accounts page alerting the worker to this new option if they are currently not opted-in.


What are the benefits of Automatic Payment via FastFunds?

By opting in to Automatic Payment, workers will be automating the action of getting paid immediately for all FastFunds eligible assignments, so you will have access to your funds faster than ever.  Instead of having to click “Get Paid Now” for each assignment manually and individually, workers who are opted-in will have funds transferred to their account automatically when work is approved.

How do I know which assignments are eligible for FastFunds?

Workers will now have visibility into which assignments are eligible for FastFunds throughout the entire assignment lifecycle - from Available through Paid statuses.  Any time you see a “FastFunds eligible” label on an assignment on the WorkFeed or on your dashboard, that assignment will be eligible for immediate payment.




Can I enable or disable FastFunds on individual assignments?

Yes!  We wanted to give you the flexibility to decide which assignments you would like to enable or disable FastFunds.  As soon as you are assigned to an assignment, you will have the option to choose to either enable or disable FastFunds for that specific assignment.  Please note that as soon as you complete & submit the assignment for approval, you will no longer to be able to disable FastFunds.  You can also still choose to “Get Paid Now” as soon as the assignment is Invoiced.


What happens if I choose to opt-out of Automatic Payment via FastFunds?

If you choose to opt-out of Automatic Payment, any assignments assigned to you while you were opted-in will still be paid automatically.  All future assignments will still be eligible for FastFunds but you will have to click “Get Paid Now” when available.  You will also have the ability to disable FastFunds on individual assignments from the assignment details page.

How do I know which assignments have been Paid via FastFunds?

When an assignment has been paid via FastFunds, you will see the status of the assignment update on the dashboard and on the assignment details page.

What do the new FastFunds labels mean?

On the assignment dashboard, you will see 4 new labels on the assignment card pertaining to FastFunds:


FastFunds eligible: assignment is eligible for FastFunds, this label will be visible on available or assigned assignments

FastFunds enabled: worker has opted in to Automatic Payment or has enabled FastFunds on an active assignment.  If the assignment is FastFunds Enabled, it will be paid within 15 minutes after the assignment is approved

FastFunds available!: assignment is invoiced and worker can choose to “Get Paid Now”.  Worker will only see this label if they are not opted in to Automatic Payment

FastFunds pending: worker is opted in to Automatic Payment , assignment has been approved but is within 15 minute delay period.  Once the assignment is paid via FastFunds, this label will disappear

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