Work Market December '16 Product Release Notes

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December '16 Release Availability: Beginning December 7th 


Notable Features


Talent Pools: New Design, Navigation, and Features

New design and navigation to create and manage your talent. Easily create a new pool, invite members, add requirements, and message members of your pool with the new design. Navigate to different sections of the pool from a single slide out window. 


Watch how to create new talent pools and manage your talent with the new design. 




With requirements enforcement workers must keep their skills and verifications up-to-date while keeping the quality of your talent pool high. If you add a requirement, such as a background check, all workers who do not have that check will be removed from the talent pool. They will be notified to purchase or renew their background check before being allowed back as a member of your talent pool.


Requirements are on public talent pools. You have the option to turn requirements enforcement on or off. 




You can still create both public and private talent pools. See how public and private talent pools work. 


Finding and Sending Work to Companies


Single search for finding companies and workers. You can send assignments directly to a company and its employees on Work Market.


We’ve unified our results to include both workers and companies when searching our marketplace. If you are looking someone to send work to in a specific location your results will display the top individual workers and companies that meet your criteria.


When you search for skills and other attributes employees of those companies will also be included in results.


Use the Type filter to search only for companies or only for workers.




When sending individual assignments, select the company found in the search results and route work directly to them. The company team agent can complete the work or delegate it to one of the company’s employees to complete.


See how easy it is to find companies and send work to them.


Company Profile


Updated company profile design. Enter information about the services they provide and its easier for other companies and workers to find out more about them.






  • Android v 1.5 - Download in Google Play
    • Find Work Enhancements - Redesigned filter section with new filter and sorting options
    • Applied Work - View assignments you have applied to
    • Add Label - Ability to add labels to assignments
    • Counteroffer with Expenses - Add expenses when counter-offering on an assignment


  • iPhone v 1.2 - Download from the App Store
    • Ask A Question - When applying to an assignment ask a question of the employer
    • Find Work Enhancements -Redesigned filter section with new filter and sorting options
    • Add Label - Ability to add labels to assignments





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