Work Market October '16 Product Release Notes

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October '16 Release Availability: Beginning October 27th, 2016 


Notable Features


Find Better Contractors: Improved Contractor match with Auto-Invite

The Auto-Invite feature is used by businesses to have Work Market automatically find the best contractors for their assignments. We made major improvements to our search and matching capabilities. Contractors who are sent invites to assignment are better matched by skills, location and past work on Work Market. Business get more applicants to their assignment and higher quality contractors.



See how to use auto-invite


New Job Title & Skills Recommender Tool

As a contractor on Work Market defining your expertise is how businesses find you and send you jobs. It's now easier to update your job title and add valuable skills to your profile. With the new tool enter your job title and we’ll recommend the best skills to add to your Work Market profile. Allow business to find you easier and get access to more work.




Video: See how the new Job Title & Skills Recommender works


 Find Work for iPhone

  • Search, view, and apply to jobs right from their Smartphone.
  • Scroll through all of the available jobs, view the job’s location and see the job's description.
  • Counteroffer on a job to offer a different price.
  • Find jobs near you. The Work Market app allows you to see jobs based on your current location.
  • Search and find virtual work such as writing and translation jobs
  • Watch the overview here.


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