Onboarding Steps

Completing your profile and preparing to work

After you create a freelancer profile, you will receive a confirmation email from hi@myworkmarket.com. Please follow the link provided to confirm your email address, then start your WorkMarket account onboarding!


*NOTE* If you have not received an email confirmation link or a requested password reset link, reach out to support@workmarket.com. One of our support agents can send you a a new link.




To get started, enter the requested information and click "Continue". You will need to provide:

  • First and Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address


  • Company or Home Address


  • Work Industries, Job title, and Skills



If you see the "Continue" button turn blue, you are ready to move to the next step. If it remains grey, something may be entered incorrectly, or a required field has not been filled out. Keep in mind, your location will need to be detected by Google. If you have difficulty with this step, feel free to contact support for assistance.


Once complete, you will have full account access to - 



*NOTE* While you are gearing up to start working please remember to upload tax information and a financial account as this is mandatory to withdraw your payments from WorkMarket.


For more information about completing your profile, click here


Happy working! 

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  • 0
    Rafael Henrique

    I can't complete my profile... I click on CONTINUE button after enter all the information and nothing happens.

  • 0
    Kathryn Leparik


    I went ahead and created a ticket on your behalf to assist with getting you up and running. I look forward to hearing back from you and resolving your trouble.

  • 0
    Marcia Peixoto

    The same happens to me, 'continue' button turns on blue, then I click but nothing happens. I tried many times, but remains stuck in the same page.

  • 0
    Marisa Velasco Vega

    I can't complete the profile. My phone number is not admitted, i don't understand why.


  • 0


    The same thing, as stated above, is happening to me.
    Could you help me?!


  • 0
    Kathryn Leparik

    If you are experiencing issues with passing through the onboarding steps and you are outside the US or Canada, please contact our support team. We realize this can be tricky for our international users and we're happy to help you pass through to obtain full account access.

  • 0
    Elberd Bifov

    I have the same problem, I can not get the profile information

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