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WorkMarket Community Guidelines: Workers 

WorkMarket is a freelance management system that helps bring talented workers and clients together to make the process of getting work done easy, efficient, cost-effective, and scalable to your business needs.

As an independent contractor, you are a business owner and provide a special service to your clients. WorkMarket’s Community Guidelines address the responsibility and accountability of our community members to each other. We want to maintain a professional, transparent, and enjoyable marketplace for both workers and clients. Thank you for joining us in this effort.

  • Create your brand. Ensure your profile is updated with all skills, certifications, licenses, tools, photos, and insurance that will accurately represent you and your business.
  • You may utilize WorkMarket tools such as company scorecards and other data to help you choose the clients that best fit your business.
  • Be transparent. To help avoid any misunderstanding with the clients, we encourage you to understand the services that each assignment entails by reading the scope of work completely. You are free to negotiate the pay for each assignment with clients, as well as additional expenses and/or rates upfront using the platform tools.
  • Communicate with your clients utilizing the platform tools. Messages are a great way to ask questions and/or add a notable event related to your assignment. We encourage you to answer questions and contact attempts in a timely manner.
  • Your ratings are a part of your brand. Clients provide ratings for the services that you provide, and you can provide ratings for the clients to whom you provide your agreed-upon services. Be mindful that assignment cancellations and abandonments may affect how clients rate you on your scorecard. Ratings are shown on your profile and will be transparent to other clients. [1]
  • Escalate to WorkMarket when necessary. If a client is late approving/paying an invoice, becomes unresponsive, or in the event of an impasse, reach out to WorkMarket Support. WorkMarket can assist in mediating disputes between a client and worker, but it cannot force either side to act in a particular way. [2]

We ask that you review and understand our policies, including the WorkMarket Terms of Service and WorkMarket Community Violation Guideline before you apply, accept or work on any assignment.


[1] Workers can dispute a rating on a particular assignment by contacting the client directly for a written explanation of the rating. In the event of an impasse, workers can escalate the rating dispute to WorkMarket by emailing and providing the written explanation from the worker as well as the client. The rating will be reviewed and a resolution provided to both the worker and client.

[2] Escalate approval/payment disputes by emailing WorkMarket Support at Please be sure to include assignment ID, communication timeline with your client and any other necessary information to help facilitate communication for a resolution. WorkMarket cannot guarantee payment but will facilitate a fair process to assist both sides in reaching a resolution.


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