Vendor Tools & Team Agents

Completing your profile and preparing to work

Vendor Tools allow businesses to perform work as a company and dispatch assignments to their employees -





Vendor Search

In order to list your company in search as a vendor, you must have the following -

  • A designated “Team Agent”
  • At least one user available for work


To list your company as a vendor - 

  • Click the profile icon in the right corner of your top nav bar
  • Select "Settings"
  • Select Company Overview 
  • Scroll to the bottom
  • Click "List in Vendor Search"

*NOTE* If you do not meet requirements for vendor search, the button will be grey


Once listed as a vendor, a company profile will be available for review to clients. Included in a company profile is -

  • Company Overview
  • Each employee
  • Their scorecard
  • A cumulative company scorecard





Team Agent

Team Agent is an account permission which allows the designated user to function as a dispatcher for their company. Team Agents have the the ability to do the following on behalf of their employees -

  • Accept and apply for assignments
  • Counteroffer
  • Check in/check out
  • Upload deliverables
  • Submit budget increases and expense reimbursements
  • Submit the assignment for approval


Visit your Employee List to select this role for any of your users. To change to the “Team Agent” view -

  • Click the profile icon in the right corner of your top nav bar
  • Select “Team Agent” from the dropdown menu
  • You have successfully switched to Team Agent when it is highlighted in orange


*NOTE* The user may need to logout and login for this new role to take effect


When you are logged in as a Team Agent, you will notice a "Candidates" tab in each assignment. From this tab, you will be able to add employees to the assignment and apply and counteroffer on their behalf. 




Once an assignment is assigned, you will have the ability to perform all actions on behalf of your employee (i.e. leave messages, check in/out, upload deliverables, submit for approval etc.).


You will not be able to access the Find Work page while you are logged in as a Team Agent, you will have to switch to Perform Work. To do this -

  • Click your profile icon in the upper right corner of your top nav bar
  • Select "Team Agent" from the dropdown menu


*NOTE* For assignments with requirement sets, your employee will need to fulfill these requirements from their account before you can apply for them. If you choose to hide pricing from your employees, your Team Agent must perform all assignment updates as employees will not be able to do so.

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