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As an independent contractor, you have a scorecard that is publicly displayed on your profile. These scorecards show how many assignments you have completed, your punctuality, and how satisfied companies are with your performance.


The scorecard is split into two sections. One displays your ratings for the last three months, while the other displays your overall ratings. The categories that you are rated on include -

  • On-Time %
  • Deliverable On-Time %
  • Assignments Cancelled
  • Abandoned Assignments




You will also be rated on your professionalism and level of performance based on the following categories -

  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Communication



Frequently Asked Questions




How are satisfaction ratings calculated?

The satisfaction rating on your scorecard is calculated by the following formula:


(# of excellent + # of satisfied) / total # of ratings = satisfaction %


While excellent or satisfied can imply different degrees of satisfaction, both hold the same weight in regards to your satisfaction %.




Why did my on time percentage decrease?

We believe a better understanding of how the scorecard works will allow workers to monitor them more carefully and build a recipe for success. Therefore, we’d like to share the formula that is used to calculate your on-time ratings.


On-Time % = (# of total assignments completed + assignments labeled as cancelled with less than 24 hours before start time) / (# of total assignments completed + cancelled assignments + abandoned labels)


For example -

  • You have completed 80 assignments, cancelled 10 and abandoned 2. Out of those 10 cancelled assignments, 7 of them were cancelled less than 24 hours before the start of the assignment.
  • 80+7=87
  • 80+10+2=92
  • 87/92 = 94.6%
  • On time percentage = 94.6%




A company has left me an unfair rating, what should I do?

If you feel that you have received an unfair rating, you may click the “Flag this rating” link, allowing the WorkMarket Support team to review the rating. Please note however, that WorkMarket will only delete ratings that violate our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines.




Why does my scorecard suddenly show 0% for every statistic?

Your profile scorecard displays ratings for your lifetime on WorkMarket, as well as the last 3 months. The scorecard banner on your homepage only reflects the last 3 months. If you have not completed any assignments within the last 3 months, your scorecard will show “0%” to represent a null score. Your lifetime ratings will remain viewable on your full profile page.




How do I find out which assignments are negatively affecting my scorecard?

WorkMarket is happy to provide you with any information necessary towards maintaining the integrity of your ratings. If you are unsure of which assignments are causing late, cancelled, or abandoned marks on your scorecard, please contact WorkMarket Support at 212-229-9675 option 3. Our representatives will be happy to request the following information from our developers -

  • Assignment ID
  • Date
  • Company Name

As always, WorkMarket encourages direct communication between companies and workers. If you feel a particular negative mark is incorrect, please contact the company to further discuss. WorkMarket will not alter or remove any ratings unless requested by the party leaving the rating.


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