How do I rate a Company?


Once an assignment is invoiced, you have the opportunity to rate your experience with the company. Ratings are vital in offering you visibility and insight into the companies you and your peers will be engaging. There are 2 instances where you can leave a rating -

  1. Once an assignment is invoiced, you can rate the company from your assignment page. You may edit your rating until the assignment is paid, at which time your rating will be finalized.
  2. The ratings page will allow you to enter ratings for companies after your assignment has been paid. You can access the ratings page by clicking here.

To prevent the submission of “revenge” ratings, ratings will only be included in your scorecard if both you and the client rate each other. Additionally, you will not be able to view your rating from the company until the assignment has been paid.


*NOTE* Ratings can be edited through the pending and invoiced statuses, but are final once an assignment has been paid. In order to preserve the integrity of our rating system, WorkMarket will not alter or remove any ratings unless deemed inappropriate or requested by the party leaving the rating.


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