Payments & Withdrawals

Withdraw and manage your earnings

To withdraw your funds, follow these steps -

  • Select “Overview” under "Payments" on the left nav bar
  • Click “Withdraw Funds” from the "Available to Withdraw" box on the right
  • Select the payment account to which you’d like to transfer from the dropdown
  • Input the amount you wish to withdraw
  • Click “Withdraw Funds”




Frequently Asked Questions






What are the processing times for withdrawals?

Withdrawals process between 4-5pm EST on business days -

  • For WM Visa and PayPal withdrawals, the funds should be delivered to your accounts immediately following processing.
  • Bank withdrawals take on average, 2-3 business days to deliver depending on your individual bank’s processing times.





Do you mail checks as a payment method?

No, WorkMarket does not mail checks as a method for withdrawing your earnings. The current withdrawal options are ACH deposit, PayPal, or the WorkMarket Visa debit card.





What is the daily withdrawal limit?

You may withdraw earnings of up to $10,000 per day.





I have a past due payment/approval, what should I do?

First and foremost, WorkMarket encourages you to create strong connections with companies by promoting transparency, accessibility and direct communication. If you have a late approval or payment, we recommend you make your own attempts to contact the company before calling WorkMarket Support. Please be sure to document all contact attempts in the messages section of your assignment prior to reaching out to support.


If you are still unable to reach the company after several attempts, WorkMarket Support is happy to assist by doing the following -

  • Representatives will leave a message letting the company know you have reached out to WorkMarket for assistance reaching them
  • The support team will take steps to directly contact the company regarding the status of your assignment
  • A representative will keep you updated on the status of your assignment every 24-48 hours


*NOTE* WorkMarket will not dictate the terms of your contract. Our goal is to connect you and the company so you may cooperatively resolve conflicts and determine the outcome of the situation.





I am attempting to withdraw funds, but I receive an error message stating my request was entered in the incorrect format, why?

When entering a withdrawal amount, be sure to leave out any unnecessary punctuation marks, specifically commas or dollar signs.

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