The "My Work" Dashboard

Manage your active assignments

The "My Work" Dashboard is your company’s assignment command center. Filters, labels, and different views allow you to access your assignment history in a multitude of ways.


Keyword Search and Sort -

  • Use keywords to search for a specific assignment
  • Use the sort menu to view assignments based on the pre-set options
  • Set a custom date range for the dashboard
  • View assignments based on their current status of the assignment lifecycle

Calendar View -

  • View your assignments by day, week, or month
  • Assignments are color coded based on their lifecycle status
  • Select a specific status or label to view only those assignments in your calendar

Map View -

  • View your assignments on a map
  • Search by city, state or zip
  • Filter by lifecycle status
  • Click the location icon to see a street view of the location and view the specific assignment  
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