Searching and applying for assignments

Tests are a tool you can use to demonstrate your qualifications and make direct connections with potential companies. Companies use this feature to evaluate the knowledge level of potential contractors, and to reinforce specific policies and procedures. Popular test topics include -

  • Company policies
  • Assignment training
  • Industry-specific knowledge

Tests may have questions in a variety of formats, time limits or a maximum number of attempts. They also may be required for group admission or assignment application. Your test results and scores are only viewable by the test owner and their company. Get started searching for and taking tests here


Frequently Asked Questions




Can you remove failed test results?

At this time, we are unable to remove failed test results from your profile. Please note, only the client owner of the test will be able to view your results and they will not be viewable by all clients in the marketplace.




Can you reset a test so I can retake it?

Tests are managed by each individual client. WorkMarket does not alter or adjust test settings at any time. You will need to contact the client for assistance with retaking a test.

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