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WorkMarket offers 3 transfer options for your payments. Learn more about each account option -


We currently offer three methods for withdrawing your WorkMarket earnings. To set up a financial account -




Bank Account (US & Canadian banks only) -

  • For US bank accounts, you will receive two verification deposits between the amounts of $.01 and $0.15. Once received, please return to your Accounts page and enter the two deposit amounts (without decimals) to complete the verification process. 


*NOTE* The maximum number of attempts to enter your verification deposits is three. If you have entered the incorrect amounts more than three times, you will have to remove the account and re-add it.


  • Canadian bank accounts will not be subject to a verification process. Canadian users may NOT use bank accounts in USD currency. Only accounts in CAD may be utilized for withdrawals. Transfers to Canadian bank accounts may take up to 5 business days to process.


Frequently Asked Questions




I haven't received my verification deposits, what should I do?

There are 2 reasons you may not have received your verification deposits:

  1. The bank account information provided is incorrect
  2. The account is closed

In order to proceed, remove the bank account and resubmit your information in order to initiate a new round of verification deposits. Should you receive your original deposits after you re-entered your account information, disregard them and wait 2-3 business days for the new deposits. 




I received multiple verification deposits to my account, which ones should I enter? 

  • If the deposits were made on different days, apply the most recent pair of verification deposit to the most recent addition of your bank account to WorkMarket.
  • If you are seeing more than two deposits within the same date, we recommend removing your bank account from WorkMarket, re-adding it, and thus reinitiating the process. 




Why am I getting an error that I need to add my tax information before entering my bank information?

  • To ensure that you have provided all information required to withdraw funds, we do require that you upload your tax information prior to adding your bank information.
  • If you have already provided your tax information, but you are still receiving a message that you need to do so before providing your bank information, simply log out of your account and log back in. You will be able to proceed from there.





PayPal (US & International users) -

  • Select "PayPal" from the drop down list and select your country. Your primary WorkMarket email MUST match your PayPal email address (primary or secondary)
  • All transfers to PayPal will be subject to a $1 transaction fee, regardless of the amount withdrawn


Frequently Asked Questions



What are the fees associated with a PayPal account?

PayPal does not charge a fee to open an account. Transfers from your WorkMarket account will cost a $1 each time, regardless of the amount you withdraw. 


For additional information regarding fees for international users, please click here.


*NOTE* Currently, PayPal does not support sending or receiving personal payments to and from India 




WorkMarket Visa (US only) -

  • Cards arrive in the mail within 7-10 business days
  • Activate your card by calling the phone number on the back. Your card will then update to active in WorkMarket by the following day.
  • If you would like, Accounts page to turn on automatic withdrawal, an option only available for the WM Visa card.
  • If you have any questions regarding the retrieval, replacement, or deactivation of your WM Visa card, please contact Global Cash Card at 1 (866) 395-9200.


Frequently Asked Questions




Are there fees associated with the WorkMarket Visa?

Yes, there are fees associated with the WorkMarket Visa. Please download the attachments below for more information.




Why does the number in my accounts section not match the number on my card?

The number in your accounts section corresponding to your WorkMarket Visa is not your card number, but rather the last 4 characters of a unique identifier used internally by WorkMarket. This identifier will not change even if you replace your physical card.




How do I replace a lost or stolen card?

If your WorkMarket Visa Card is lost or stolen, please contact Global Cash Card immediately at 1-866-395-9200.


*NOTE* WorkMarket does not provide temporary cards. Any issues with the physical card should be reported to Global Cash Card. 




Why haven't I received my card yet?

You should receive your WorkMarket Visa card within 7-10 business days. If you do not receive your card, please reach out to the card distributor, Global Cash Card, at 1-866-395-9200. They will be able to assist you with getting an update on your card location or issuing a new card.

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    David Smith

    Bank account name only gives name for me personally - how do I choose my company?

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    Kathryn Leparik



    To add a company bank account, your profile must be set up as a company. I've sent you an email to help you get this adjusted.

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