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Frequently Asked Questions




How do I update my email?

Click here to update your email. Please be advised, your new email will not switch until you have clicked the confirmation link sent to the new address.  




How do I change my password?

There are two ways to change your password. If you are already logged into your account, click here. If you are not logged in, you can request a password reset link at the login page here




I didn't receive my confirmation link/password reset, what should I do?

If you have not received your confirmation link or your password reset, please contact WorkMarket Support at 212-229-9675 option 3. We can send you a new link to the primary email on your account.




How do I edit my notification settings?

Each user can customize their account notifications. To do this -

  • Click the "Manage Profile" button on your homepage
  • Click Notification Settings in the "Profile Settings" box
  • Select which notifications you would like to receive


Notification options include - 

  • Email
  • Dashboard
  • Push
  • SMS


*NOTE* For push notifications, you will need to download the WorkMarket app and follow the prompts




How do I receive more information regarding the background check and drug test?

For more information about requesting a background check or drug test, click here.




How do I add employees under my profile?

WorkMarket makes it easy to add employees to your company’s profile -

  1. Click the profile icon in the top right of your nav bar and select Settings from the dropdown menu
  2. Click Employees
  3. Click on the New Employee button
  4. Fill out the contact information for your employees, job title, and then proceed to elect their roles and permissions

*NOTE* You must have a verified EIN in order to add employees


There are several different roles that you can assign to your employees, which are -

  • Administrator: Has access to all of the features on WorkMarket. Administrators can add employees, edit employee permissions, and give and remove access to the payment center.
  • Manager: Has access to all of the features on WorkMarket except the payment center, bank account information, and tax information. Managers have the ability to manage all company assignments, create and manage groups/tests, and send invitations to new users.
  • Controller: Has access to the payment center and can approve transactions and transfers. The controller can stop payment on an invoiced assignment as long as the invoice has not been printed.
  • User: Can create and manage assignments, as well as follow assignments created by other users. No access to payment center or permissions unless assigned by administrator.
  • View Only: This role grants access to company reports
  • Staff: This role can view assignment related content, has limited permissions including no access to payment center.
  • Deputy: This role gives the ability to take actions on behalf of workers via RealTime and the assignment page
  • Team Agent: Team Agents have the ability to accept, apply, and to take other actions on behalf of team members. Use the Team Agent role to manage a team of workers more efficiently.

Additional options allow you to set a maximum authorized budget for each user, as well as give them specific permissions to different payment related actions. You may also authorize a user to take on internal or external assignments, as well as create or modify projects.



*NOTE* Many of these permissions are designed for companies that are creating work and may not apply if you are performing work. While you will be able to view all assignments assigned to members of your company, you will not be able to view assignment details unless you are the Team Agent or the assigned worker.




What information do I need to upload insurance?

Every certificate of insurance (COI) uploaded onto your profile will be reviewed to assure that the information is accurate. The uploaded certificate must be an acord form and include the following - 

  • A valid issue and expiration date
  • Name of the insured person or company, and the insurer's name
  • General aggregate amount and policy number
  • Insurance type (Automobile, General Liability, Etc.)


Be sure the company name on the certificate matches your company name on WorkMarket and that auto/liability policies are commercialnot personal. The name of the certificate holder should read -


WorkMarket Inc., 7 High Street, Suite 407, Huntington, NY 11743


For combined property coverage, use this certificate for entering two policies -

  • Business Owners Policy & Errors and Omissions




Where can I send a copy of my acord form for proof of insurance?

You can list WorkMarket as a certificate holder by providing the following contact information to your insurance company:


WorkMarket Inc., 7 High Street, Suite 407, Huntington, NY 11743




Can I unlink my LinkedIn from my profile?

Currently, we are unable to unlink a LinkedIn profile from your WorkMarket profile. 




How do I change my name/company name on my profile?

In order to update your company name, please send your request to from the account admin's primary WorkMarket email. One of our support representatives will be in touch to confirm once your request is complete. 




I accidentally created 2 profiles, what should I do?

If you have created two profiles, your profiles will need to be merged. Please contact our support team at (212) 229-9675 option 3 for assistance with merging. 


*NOTE* In order to merge accounts, you must not have any active assignments or pending payments. We will only merge accounts that are not active.




How do I place my profile on vacation/on hold?

Whether you're going to be away on vacation or you're temporarily unavailable to work, you can remove yourself from search in the marketplace. Click here to turn on vacation/on hold status. When you're ready to start working again, simply click the same button to re-list yourself in search. 




How do I close my account?

For instructions on deactivating your WorkMarket account, click here.


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