Rating your workers

Your company scorecard is available on your homepage and represents the last 90 days. It includes -

  • Satisfaction Rating
    • For your convenience, a link is provided to a report detailing each rating you’ve received
  • Payment Timeliness
  • Approval Time

If your metrics fall below the warning threshold, your scores and your company name within your assignments will be highlighted in red. This will occur if -

  • Satisfaction rating falls below 75%
  • Average approval time is 3 or more days
  • Average payment occurs 1 or more days past due

Workers will be able to view your company scorecard when reviewing your available assignments. Additionally, when a worker is looking to apply for your assignment, they will be able to view -

  • % of work in Pending Approval
  • % of work past due
  • Satisfaction Rating


*NOTE* If your metrics fall below threshold, the worker will be warned before applying.


Frequently Asked Questions




Why is my scorecard or company name highlighted in red?

If your scorecard or company name is highlighted in red, it means you have fallen below the warning threshold, which occurs if -

  • Satisfaction rating is less than 75%
  • Approvals take an average of more than 3 days
  • Invoiced assignments average more than 1 day past due

Given any of the above factors, your company name will be highlighted in red within your assignments. Workers will be able to hover over the name and view -

  • % of work in pending approval
  • % of work past due
  • Satisfaction rating

When applying for one of your assignments, the worker will see a pop up asking to confirm that they understand your company’s current metrics.




How do I rate my worker?

As a company, you have the ability to rate your worker once an assignment is active. You will notice a “Leave Rating” link underneath the worker’s photo and ID number within the assignment’s progress box. When approving an assignment, any rating you had previously submitted will be viewable and editable.


*NOTE* The rating can only be edited up until the point that the assignment has been paid.





How do I remove a cancelled or late label from a worker’s scorecard?

In order to remove a cancelled, abandoned, or late label for a worker’s scorecard -

  • Navigate to the ‘Workers’ tab within the corresponding assignment
  • Locate the specific worker and label you would like to remove
  • Click the ‘x’ next to the label to remove the mark from the worker’s scorecard




How do I unassign a worker?

You can remove a worker from an active assignment by selecting “Unassign” from the gear dropdown. You will be prompted to select a reason for why you are unassigning the worker. Selecting either the cancelled or abandoned options will negatively affect the worker’s scorecard. Once your worker is unassigned, your assignment will return to the “Sent” status so you may assign a new worker.




How do I block a worker?

If you wish to discontinue your relationship with a specific worker, there are two ways to block them from your opportunities. You can block any worker through an assignment which they've been assigned or through their profile page. For both cases, the block option can be found through the gear icon.

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