Employee Accounts

Manage your dashboard, processes and internal employees

WorkMarket makes it easy to add employees to your company’s profile -

  • Click the profile icon in the top right of your nav bar and select Settings from the dropdown menu
  • Click Employees
  • Click on the New Employee button
  • Fill out the contact information for your employees, job title, and then proceed to elect their roles and permissions


*NOTE* We offer a bulk upload feature to create multiple employees at once. Click here to learn more.


There are several different roles that you can assign to your employees, which are:

  • Administrator: This role has access to all of the features on Work Market. Administrators can add employes, edit employee permissions, and give and remove access to the payment center.
  • Manager: This role has access to all of the features on Work Market except the payment center, bank account information, and tax information. Managers have the ability to manage all company assignments, create and manage groups/tests, and send invitations to new users.
  • Controller: This role has access to the payment center and can approve transactions and transfers. The controller can stop payment on an invoiced assignment as long as the invoice has not been printed.
  • User: This role is for managing assignments that are created by the individual user, and can also follow assignments created by other users. No access to payment center or permissions unless authorized by an administrator.
  • View Only: This role grants access to company reports
  • Staff: This role can view assignment related contact, has limited permissions including no access to payment center.
  • Deputy: This role gives the ability to take actions on behalf of workers via RealTime and the assignment page

Below you may also set a maximum authorized budget for each user, as well as give them specific permissions to different payment related actions. You may also authorize a user to take on internal or external assignments, as well as create or modify projects.




Employee Bulk Upload

You can now upload multiple employee on to your company profile at once. After logging into your WorkMarket account

  • Click the profile icon in the right corner of your top nav bar
  • Click Settings
  • Click Employees in the Company Box


To add two or more employees to your company -

  • Click the “Bulk Upload” button
  • Drag your employee csv into the upload section or upload the csv from your computer (a template csv is attached to this article)
  • Click “Upload”

Once the bulk upload is complete all newly invited users will receive an email to confirm their account and create their WorkMarket profile. They will need to follow the onboarding instructions in the email to complete the process.

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