Requirement Sets

Verify worker skills and qualifications

WorkMarket understands the importance of customer satisfaction. To assist you in finding the most qualified workers, we allow you to apply specific requirements for assignments and groups.


Requirement sets may include, but are not limited to -

  • The worker’s satisfaction or on time percentages
  • A passed background check or drug test
  • A specific certification, insurance or license
  • A signed agreement
  • A passing test score


Requirement Sets for assignments -

  • Access all of your requirement sets through your account settings here
  • Requirement sets can be made “Required” on all assignments
  • Requirement sets can be linked to your assignment templates
  • There is the option to override your requirement sets in order to assign a worker who does not meet them


Requirement Sets for Labor Clouds -

  • Requirement sets are specific to each Labor Cloud and can be managed here
  • Workers can request an override if they do not meet all the requirements
  • To grant a membership override
    • Go to the “Manage” tab in your group
    • Select “Pending - Override Requested” from the Labor Cloud Status filter
    • Select the worker you would like to add
    • Click the “plus sign” icon to add the worker
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