Routing an Assignment

Engage workers through assignments

WorkMarket provides several different options for routing and inviting workers to your assignments -




  • Post to Marketplace - This option makes your assignment available to WorkMarket’s general marketplace. Any worker on the platform will be able to access and apply to your assignment as long as they meet the requirements.
  • Send to Specific Talent - You have 3 different options for sending to specific talent. You can select whether the worker must apply or if they will be automatically assigned. Use any combination of the 3 to best fit your needs -
    • Talent - Route to individual workers
    • Labor Clouds - Route to any of your Labor Clouds
    • Vendors - Route to companies looking for work, rather than the individual worker 





  • Auto-Invite - Using WorkMarket's matching algorithms, this feature will invite the best workers based on criteria such as their job title, skills and scorecard. You won't need to spend time vetting each individual worker, as auto-invite will do the work for you.
  • Browse Talent Marketplace - This option will send you to the "Find Workers" page, allowing you to use the search tool to find the exact workers you need.


Additionally, from your assignment dashboard, you can select up to 50 assignments at once and apply the same routing conditions to all and send at one time. The interface and functionality is the same as sending at the time you create the assignment.


 Frequently Asked Questions




How can I accept an assignment on behalf of a worker?

If you have deputy status within your company, you may take actions on behalf of your worker, including accepting an assignment. Please confirm with the worker before doing so. To accept an assignment on behalf of a worker -

  • Navigate to the assignment details page
  • Click on the "Workers" tab
  • Locate the worker you would like to assign, click on "Actions" next to their name
  • Under the "Accept" tab, type a note and click "Submit"


I am attempting to assign a specific worker but I unable to locate him/her, why?

If you are having trouble locating a specific worker when trying to route an assignment, please consider the following -

  • The worker may not have confirmed their account
  • The worker’s profile may not be listed in search
  • There may be an industry mismatch between the assignment and the worker’s profile
  • The worker may be located outside of the radius you searched
  • Your search criteria may not be specific enough

If you are still unable to locate the worker after verifying the above factors, please reach out to WorkMarket Support at 212-229-9675 option 3 for additional assistance.




I am trying to invite a worker to an assignment but I am receiving an error message, why?

You can invite a maximum of 200 workers to a single assignment and 100 workers to a bundle. Once you have reached the maximum, you will need to copy the assignment to send it to any additional workers. You may cancel the initial assignment prior to copying if you need access to the allocated funds or terms. 


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