Talent Pools

Verify worker skills and qualifications

Talent pools are designed to organize your network based on the criteria of your choice. Whether it’s by location or skill set, you can create 3 types of talent pools -

  1. Public talent pools are available for all workers to view and join
  2. Invitation only talent pools are only viewable to the workers you invite to join
  3. Private talent pools are only viewable by your company

Talent pools can assist in vetting new workers by creating requirement sets that are necessary for membership. Requirement criteria may be based on -

  • The worker’s ratings or timeliness
  • A passed background check/drug test
  • A specific certification, insurance or license
  • An agreement
  • Passing a test

Workers will not be able to join your talent pool until they have met all requirements, or if you have granted them a membership override. The message tool allows you to send updates, and simultaneously alerts all members of your talent pool. Get started creating and managing your talent pools here.

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