Worker Profiles & Scorecards

Verify worker skills and qualifications

Worker Profiles

Workers can utilize their profiles to advertise themselves and their unique skill sets. From the overview tab, view a worker’s -

From the qualifications tab, view a worker’s -

  • Preferred Industries
  • List of Skills
  • Product Experience
  • Professional Tools
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Uploaded Resume
  • Languages
  • Working Hours




Worker Scorecards

Every worker has a scorecard that is publicly displayed on their profile. These scorecards show how many assignments the worker has completed, their punctuality, and how satisfied companies are with their performance. The categories workers are rated on include -

  • Satisfaction (Lifetime)
  • On-Time % (last 3 months)
  • Deliverables On-Time %
  • Assignments Cancelled
  • Abandoned Assignments




You may also view the worker’s individual ratings from other companies by clicking on “See Ratings”.



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