Find Workers

Finding workers in the marketplace

WorkMarket offers two ways to find workers to complete your assignments. Click on the option below to learn more -



Search the Marketplace

Searching the marketplace for workers is simple and can be done in several different ways. Locate specific talent using a worker’s name or unique ID number. Or, use the Find Talent dashboard to narrow down the search by specific keywords, locations, or quality requirements.




Once you have located your worker(s), hover your cursor over their name to view and select additional icons, which provide options such as -

  • Send Assignment
  • Invite to Labor Clouds
  • Invite to Test
  • Add Comments
  • Add to/Remove from Network
  • View their full profile






Use Your Existing Network

Bringing your existingLabor Clouds on to WorkMarket becomes a seamless transition when using Landing Pages and Invitations.

  • Landing Pages allow you to maintain an external presence which you can promote through your own marketing channels. Each landing page includes the following -
    • A custom description of your opportunity
    • Your company logo and description
    • A form for your workers to create their WorkMarket accounts



For your convenience, landing pages also allow you to -

    • Link your landing page to a group that will organize your workers
    • View a list of the workers that have successfully created their WorkMarket accounts
    • Have direct access to the profiles of your onboarded workers



  • Invitations are personalized emails inviting contractors to join WorkMarket. Invitations allow you to -
    • Include a custom message and a description of your company
    • Invite your worker to a specific group

Once a worker has signed up, a green check mark will appear beside their name and you will be able to access their profile.





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