May 12th, 2021


The following updates have been made to Reporting:

  • A new offering to put data at the fingertips of our clients and their account managers. Analytics dashboards will provide users with a way to track their business KPIs such as budget management, operational and talent metrics.
  • Users can access the new feature by going under Analytics and clicking Dashboards link in the left nav. Users can then select the dashboards from the list and view information such as assignment spend or workers locations heat map etc. Users can also favorite a specific dashboard, which will show up under the Favorites tab. For data tables, users can download the data as a CSV, XLSX, or PNG.

The following updates have been made to Assignments:

  • On the new assignments dashboard, link directly to an assignment by appending the number to the end of the URL, for example:

The following updates have been made to Assignment Requirements:

  • Fixed: When you select "Confirmed Bank Account" requirement, there's no button to actually add it to the set.
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