Worker Escalation Process

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What is a Worker Escalation?

WorkMarket promotes and facilitates communication between the worker and client.  When an assignment is escalated, our goal is to bridge the gap between you and the client.


NOTE:  Any violations to our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines within the work order, or reports from the client as such, will render the work order ineligible for escalation.


The WorkMarket Support Team will partner with you and assist in communicating toward a resolution on the following:

  • Approvals
  • Assignment is not approved 48 hours beyond the client's average approval time
  • Payment Disputes
  • Past due payments
  • Cancellations with no clarification or communication from client
  • Cancellations after work was completed if no clarification is provided from client   regarding quality of work completed

How do I Escalate?

When escalating an assignment, please consider the following criteria

  • There are clear attempts in the messages of the assignment of you reaching out to the client regarding the issue with the assignment.
  •  Communications attempts include assignment messages, emails and phone calls. However, there must be a message from you on the assignment. As WorkMarket works within the platform.
  • Justification for a change in payment or assignment status is not clearly stated within the assignment messages.

◦The assignment must be within 6 months.  

The Lifecycle of a Worker Escalation

Our ultimate goal with worker escalations is to get you in contact with you client. To promote a resolution on the assignment.

  1. We start by leaving messages in the assignment .This promotes transparency for you and your client.
  2. If no contact is initiated from messages, we reach out to the Project manager for an update on the assignment.
  3. If we do not receive an update from the Project manager, we reach out to their Account manager. Your clients account manager will reach out directly to the client regarding the escalated assignment.

You will receive an e-mailed update every 48 business hours from us with a generic response to let you know we are still working on getting you in contact with the client. As we receive more information from the client, you will get more specific information.

If a month has passed since the escalation was opened and we have received no response from the client your next steps would be to pursue payment off the platform.

In these situations, we typically recommend the American Arbitration Association which can be found here.

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