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Once work has been finished and all assignment requirements are completed, it's time to close out the assignment. In order to close out your assignment, companies may request you complete a variety of requirements. These requirements may include -

  • Check in/check out times
  • Deliverables (i.e. sign off sheet, photos, paperwork)
  • Custom fields
  • Survey



A green status bar at the top of your assignment will let you know if you have any unfulfilled requirements. Once this status bar is full, you will be able to click the green button at the bottom of your assignment labeled “Complete Assignment”. When closing out your assignment, you will need to -

  • Provide a summary of the work completed
  • Verify the hours listed under “Pricing Details” match your check in/check out times
  • Verify the final value on the assignment is correct
  • Use the "Computation of Tax" calculator to determine how much of your assignment you should save for taxes (This will not remove the tax from your assignment)




*NOTE* If your check in/check out time exceeds the number of hours for which the assignment is budgeted, you will need to request a budget increase before you are able to successfully close out your assignment.


Frequently Asked Questions





How do I close an assignment for less than its proposed value?

You have the option to close an assignment for less than its proposed value when submitting for approval -

  • From an in progress assignment, click “Complete this Assignment” located at the bottom of the page
  • Click on the tiny “(adjust)” link in order to edit the final value of the assignment
  • Provide a summary of the work performed in the required field
  • Click “Submit for Approval” to send the assignment to the client for invoicing






Can I delete a message I left on an assignment?

Once a message is posted within an assignment, it cannot be deleted. Please be wary of this before posting any messages.




If an assignment is cancelled by the client, will I receive a cancellation fee?

WorkMarket does not enforce any form of cancellation fees. Please consult with the company regarding their cancellation policies prior to applying for, or accepting an assignment.




The client has been unresponsive within my active assignment, what should I do?

We encourage you to use the WorkMarket platform to communicate with the company. Use the messages tab within your active assignment to ask a question or leave specific notes. If the company is unresponsive in the messages section, and unreachable by phone or email, please contact WorkMarket Support at (212) 229-9675 option 3.




I submitted my assignment for approval, but I need to make an adjustment, how do I proceed?

As long as your assignment is still “Pending Approval”, a support representative will be happy to send your assignment back to “In Progress” so you may make further edits. Please give WorkMarket Support a call at 212-229-9675 option 3 for assistance. If your assignment has been approved for invoice, you will need to contact the company.




How do I block a client?

You can block a company you are not interested in working with 2 ways -

  • Via Labor Clouds owned by the company
  • Assignments offered by the company
You can view companies that you have already blocked and unblock them via your account settings or by clicking here
*NOTE*  You cannot block a company with which you have an open assignment, all assignments must be paid before blocking.


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