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Manage your active assignments

Each assignment will have a series of actions that must be completed before it can be submitted for approval. These actions will be listed on the assignment checklist and will vary from client to client -




To learn more about the various assignment actions, click on the action below -




Confirm Schedule

You may be required to confirm your schedule within a certain amount of time before your arrival. Typically, it will be about 24 hours prior, but it may vary. This lets the client know that you are still available and able to complete the assignment.





Check In/Check Out

You can track the time you spend on site by checking in and out of your assignments from your desktop or mobile phone. The check in/check out feature allows you to -

  • Track hours when making multiple site visits
  • Edit and update your logs at a later time
  • Remove incorrect or unnecessary logs (only on desktop)

Some companies choose to require a phone-based check in/check out. You will be provided with a phone number to call in order to check in/out. If at any time you need assistance with updating your check in/check outs, you may reach out to WorkMarket Support at 212-229-9675 option 3.


To update your check in/check out times, open your assignment from your dashboard and scroll to the section labeled “Check In and Check Out”.


*NOTE* If you do not check in/check out during the allotted window, a “Worker Late” label will appear on your assignment. This label will be removed as soon as you update your times. 




Budget Increases & Expense Reimbursements

You may request additional funds while an assignment is in progress by submitting a request for a budget increase, expense reimbursement or bonus. All requests for additional funds must be approved by the company before closing out your assignment, otherwise your assignment will be approved for the original price.


*NOTE* Clients do have the option to turn off counteroffers. If this is selected, you will not be able to submit a budget increase.


To enter a budget increase, expense reimbursement or bonus request -

  • Open your assignment and click the gear icon within the orange “In Progress” status bar
  • Select the appropriate request type
  • Complete the form and provide a reason for your request




*NOTE* Your request must be approved before close out or your assignment will be approved for the original price.





Deliverables are additional assignment requirements, usually in the form of documents (sign off sheets) or photos. Companies can describe the expected deliverable process within the instructions of the assignment.


Before submitting deliverables -

  • Review the assignment contents including the instructions and special instructions
  • Review the number of deliverables expected by the company
  • Review the due date for deliverables, which can range from no due date to 7 days


To submit your deliverables -

  1. Navigate to the assignment’s deliverables section
  2. Either drag and drop files from your desktop or click the green ‘Upload Files’ button to specify a location
  3. Select the appropriate file type based on the expected deliverable (sign off, photo, other)*





Missing deliverables will be highlighted in red, while a successfully uploaded deliverable will be notated by a green checkmark. If your required deliverables are late, WorkMarket will alert you with a notification, as well as apply a label to the assignment. Late deliverables will affect your scorecard and can delay assignment approval.


*NOTE* Accepted file formats include: bmp, gif, jpeg, png, txt, csv, pdf, xls, xlsx, xlsm, doc, docx, docm, form, mp4, m4v, f4v, mov, flv, m4a, f4a, mp3, zip



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