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Searching and applying for assignments

WorkMarket offers 2 ways for you to find available assignments -

  1. My Work - The My Work dashboard houses all assignments to which you've been directly invited
    • An "applied" status will appear under your dashboard filters, allowing you to track which assignments have a pending application
  2. Find Work - Based on your location and industry preferences, Find Work will display a feed of available assignments to which you can apply without a direct invitation


Frequently Asked Questions




What are assignment requirements?

To ensure that you are qualified for a particular assignment, companies may include a requirement set that must be met before you are eligible to apply. Requirements may be based on -

  • Scorecard Ratings
  • Labor Cloud Membership
  • Test Scores
  • Agreements
  • Certifications
  • Insurance
  • Background Check & Drug Test

If you meet a requirement, a green check mark will be displayed. If you do not meet the requirement, a red X will be displayed. A link will be provided if you are able to complete the requirement. It is at the sole discretion of the company whether or not they will be willing to override an incomplete requirement.


*NOTE* Team agents will NOT be able to complete requirements on a candidate's behalf. You will only be able to apply for a candidate once they have satisfied all requirements from their own account.




How do I submit a counteroffer?

In order for you to best negotiate your contracts, we give you the ability to counteroffer when applying for an assignment. You may submit a counteroffer for -

  • A new price
  • Additional expenses
  • A new date
  • A new time

To submit a counteroffer -

  • Scroll to the bottom of the assignment
  • In the blue box, next to “Optional - Propose Alternate Price and/or Date” click the + to open the counteroffer menu
  • Select which counteroffer you would like to enter
  • Set an optional expiration date for your counteroffer

You can view the details of your pending counteroffer in the right hand menu under the assignment status.


*NOTE* Team Agents will not see an option to counteroffer until you press the "Apply" button in the "Candidates" tab. You will then receive a prompt giving you the option to submit a counteroffer.




What is the company scorecard?

The company scorecard is designed to give you insight and transparency into a company’s status on WorkMarket over the last 90 days. The scorecard is the result of reviews and completed assignments from fellow contractors. Metrics included are -

  • Satisfaction Rating
  • Payment Timeliness
  • Approval Time


You will have access to the company scorecard when viewing an available assignment. Should a company’s scorecard fall below the warning threshold, their company name will be displayed in red and their metrics will be visible through the lifecycle of the assignment. This will occur if their -

  • Satisfaction rating is below 75%
  • Average approval time is greater than 3 days
  • Average payment time is more than 1 day past due


If a company’s scorecard falls below threshold, a reminder window will pop up to reiterate their current standing when you try to apply. In addition to the above metrics, you will also be updated on -

  • % of work in pending approval
  • % of work past due
  • Satisfaction rating




How can I contact a company to tell them I am interested in their available assignment? 

The best way to reach a company regarding their available assignment is via the messages/ask a question section. While we understand your urgency to establish connections and fill your schedule, we cannot provide additional company contact information that is not already available to you in the assignment details.


Leaving a personalized message expressing interest along with your application is always the best method to initiate contact.




I accidentally declined an assignment, what should I do?

If you accidentally declined an assignment invitation, please call support at 212-229-9675 option 3. One of our support agents will be happy to resend you the invitation.


*NOTE* We are unable to re-send bundled assignments at this time




Why can’t I view an assignment I was invited to?

If you were invited to apply for an assignment, but are unable to view the assignment details page it means the assignment has already been assigned to another contractor, or is no longer active.




I have applied for an assignment that has since passed its scheduled date, what happens now?

If you have applied for an assignment that has passed its scheduled date, you can leave a message within the assignment asking the company if a contractor is still needed.


Sometimes an assignment is not cancelled or voided, even though a contractor is no longer needed. If you would like to remove an assignment from your dashboard, cancel your application and then decline the assignment.

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    Oladeji Sola Etim

    I ve successfully complete my registration ,but on my dashboard there is no assignment icon/link

  • 0
    Kathryn Leparik


    In order to have assignments in your My Work dashboard, you will need to be invited by the client. It's possible that since your account is freshly created, you have not yet received any. 

  • -1
    Oladeji Sola Etim

    i scored 86.7 % on the test but till now which is like about 15 days i have not gotten any email for my log in details please what is the problem


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