How do I avoid issues with attendance and lateness?


WorkMarket understands how important it is to ensure the worker you have contracted arrives on time as expected. With that in mind, we provide a set of tools and vetting options that can assist in mitigating the risk of latenesses, no shows, or abandonments.


Schedule Confirmation

When creating a new assignment, the Scheduling module allows you to “Require confirmation from the worker before starting the assignment”. After selecting this option, you will then select how many hours prior to the assignment’s start. Should the worker not confirm, a “Worker Not Confirmed” label will be placed on the assignment, and you and the worker will both receive an alert notification.




Worker Scorecard/Talent Filters

A worker’s scorecard includes information that can assist you in assigning your jobs on WorkMarket. Three data points to keep an eye on:

  • On Time Percentage: The calculation of how often the work on time. Factors that lower this percentage are latenesses and cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.
  • Cancellations: Number of times the worker has canceled an assignment or a client has marked an assignment as ‘worker canceled’
  • Abandonments: Number of times a client has marked the worker as ‘worker abandoned’ (most commonly applied to no call/no shows or leaving site without being released)


You have the ability to add requirements to assignments and Labor Clouds based off a worker’s scorecard. These requirements include:

  • Minimum On Time Arrival
  • Maximum Canceled Assignments
  • Maximum Abandoned Assignments

These requirements can work towards filtering your talent and mitigating risk.


Telephony Automation

Telephony automation can decrease the amount of manual follow up needed by sending scheduled mobile reminders to your workers. If this is something you or your team is interested in, please contact your Customer Success Manager to start the discussion.

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